Mysocialtab is an online portal that with the help of a wish profile allows your friends and family to gift you products and services and aids you in the gifting process. With regards to the information we collect from you as a member of mysocialtab please see our privacy policy below.

Information Collection

In terms of the information we collect, we can divide them into public information and private information.
Pubic information is mainly the information we collect from every profile maker or member that will be displayed on the site viewable by all its family and friends whosoever has access to its genie code. This would be likes, dislikes, apparel preferences, important dates, items added to his personal wish list, full name, picture and archive.
Private information is the information the site collects that is not visible to the public. These would be Personal or Office address, pin code, phone number, email address. The application also uses facebook to gather information such as friend list, likes and interests and other related information that is not visible to the public. All this information is used to provide additional services to the profile maker or member. We use a third party payment gateway that is secure and reliable that may collect the relevant information such as credit card information and billing address and cookies are used to store login information. If you don?t want cookies to store such information you can deny the cookie feature or else delete the cookie files from your computer.

Information Usage

Any information collected during and after the sign up process from the user is to make their gifting experience better and more customized. All the information you give to us is handled with uttermost care and security and mysocialtab does not share this information or lease this information out to any individual or organization without prior approval from the profile maker unless a situation arises where we have to by law or any kind of legal process share this information out to the concerned authorities. Mysocialtab also has affiliate partners but it doesn?t share your information with any such partner.


Please note that mysocialtab may have links to other websites however this privacy policy only applies to and users must be aware of the respective privacy policy of the individual websites they interact with for whatever purpose. Mysocialtab does not take any responsibility of any content that a user shares with its affiliate partners on their respective websites.

Fees/ Remove profile

Mysocialtab is a free site for both the profile viewer and maker. As a profile viewer you can view the wish profile of any member provided you have his genie code. The profile viewer does not have to enter any information other than his email address in order to access the above. You can remove you profile whenever you want by clicking on the icon corresponding.

Email Policy

We use your email information to send you a lot of information about mysocialtab. These could be a) new features added to the concept b) new partners or affiliations c) reminders for facebook friend?s birthdays d) upcoming gifting occasions and potential gifting occasions e) about new developments at mysocialtab 6) Events, discount offers and other major occasions wish list is associated with. You may unsubscribe to any of the above. Your email is not shared with any affiliate members or is not visible to anyone public or any profile viewer.


Our privacy policy may change from time to time depending on our company policy or user feedback. If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy you may write to

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