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Can I sign up with MySocialTab even if I don't have a Facebook account?

No, you cannot sign up on mysocialtab without a valid Facebook account, since this is the only option as of now. However, if you only wish to gift someone via mysocialtab its simple and you don't need to register!

Can I tab products from a retail shop?

Absolutely YES! You can add any online or offline product under the sun to your tab list! Amazing, isn't it?

How can I add a product to my Wishlist?

  1. First, you need to tab the product.
  2. Once you have added the product to your tablist, you can then add it to your wishlist.

How does the blocking feature work in privacy settings?

Through this feature, any registered member of MySocialTab can block a potential user either through their phone number or through their email address. If a user's phone number or email ID is blocked, he or she won't be able to search you, send you a gift or even send you a request. Blocked members will also be unable to follow you.

Do I need to send a MySocialTab request even to follow a person?

No, you need not. You can choose to follow anyone without their authorization in which case they only see your tabs and other limited information but not your complete profile. Blocked members, however, will not be able to follow you since they can neither see your profile nor search you.

Can anyone send me a gift if I am a member of MySocialTab?

Yes, unless you have blocked someone, anyone can send you a gift but only after you authorize them. Once you approve only then the gift will be sent. However if you are already on his or her genie list then this sure can be a surprise!!!

Does MySocialTab guarantee to deliver the gift on a specific date and do you offer gift wrapping facility?

A lot of our products are from external partners and therefore how much time they shall take to deliver the product and whether they offer add-on services such as exact day delivery or gift wrapping or not depends entirely on the partner whose product you have ordered. We, however, work closely with most of our partners to make sure that they gift wrap products and adhere to the specified delivery date and time, but this solely depends on the partner. But for your convenience, we have separate sections for these options to make it easier for users to select products specifically for these features.

Do anyone of my friends get to know my address if I register with MySocialTab?

We quite uphold the privacy policy in this regard, so no one gets to know your address except us. We keep this secure and don't disclose this to anyone.

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