Impressive Set Menus & Order Galleries

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Create impressive set menus for your customers
Create order galleries for your customers
Have your own branding for set menus and order galleries
Use Client labelling for feedback on taste, presentation and more
Add watermarks for branding, copyrighting and more
Use password protection & expiration dates to control access

Sales via Cross-seling & Up-selling

Recommend dishes or drinks or other business propositions and use our built-in shopping cart to sell promotions, avail loyalty points or take delivery orders directly or else direct them to your delivery partners.

Cloud storage & Login

Use our out of the box cloud login with your own branding and link it with your existing website or micro site giving your customers a 24/7 private login access anywhere at anytime.

Cloud login lets your customers view table bookings, invoices, emails, messages, menu, loyalty points, previous & current orders, promotions and much more.

Get recommendations, reviews and additional data about your customers using our triggered pop ups.

Microsite & SEO

Use our pre-set micro site templates that are seo optimized and that you can create in seconds.

In built keyword planner that suggests hundreds of keywords related to area, cuisine, budget or theme and lets you keep track of your monthly rankings.

In built tools and support to help you do your own SEO and work towards your own rankings.

Engagement bar that lets your customers engage, bookmark, recommend and review in a quick and easy format.

Social & Referral bar that lets your customers share or like on facebook, zomato or refer a partner or a customer and more.

Customized lead forms with automated replies

Social Media, Branding & Communication

Send app notifications, newsletters, text messages to keep in touch with your customers

Use our social commerce network and local search engine to spread the word.

Easy to share set menus with in-built social sharing options

Branding watermarks further let your brand be more social.

Invoices, Bookings & Quotations

Keep all your sales in one place, receive payments directly into your bank account, send booking confirmations, feedback forms, questionaires etc.

Leads Hub

Manage your potential customers in one place and communicate instantly.

Use our horizontal walkthrough tools to help you provide more information about your eatery in a unique virtual way.

Control who sees what and use our link expiration and privacy tools to ensure exclusivity and security.

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Adding new revenue streams helps to satisfy my customers and
helps me gain an extra buck either using my own network or leveraging
the networks of mysocialtab.

Mysocialtab happy customer reviews
Parul Dagar

Reality in Reel Restaurant Owner

"The client labelling has given me effective feedback about service, food quality and presentation from my regular clients and has helped me improve. "

Mysocialtab happy customer reviews
Bhaven Jani

Bhaven Jani Restaurant Owner

"The microsite, seo tools and ranking reports have helped me get new customers and made the whole process transparent. "

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