Send Birthday Greeting Cards and Light Up Lives!

This goes out to everyone who has ever had a hard time with words- to all those who happen to be introverts, ambiverts, or even extroverts who talk a lot, but don't say much. We all occasionally undergo the struggle of finding the right words, of articulating exactly what we are thinking; but the words, on the way from your ...Read More

Bespoken Gifting Idea: Everything That Your Heart Says

Presents, offerings, gifts, handouts, whatever you like to call, these things are a part of our lives that we all love! Small, cute, funky, sexy, sensational, tiny, huge, every single detail can be added to these “smile spreading” items. Thinking of gifting someone something different? Or confused between ordinary gifts or personalized gifts? Then, these reasons might help you to ...Read More

Rekindling Relationships in the Office Space with Online Corporate Gifting

A successful and a satisfactory corporate life, as we all must know, is not a piece of cake. In the process of keeping bosses, employees, clients or customers content simultaneaously can be an extremely tedious task, often at the expense of our own happiness. However, keeping all such ...Read More

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