Create a List

On mysocialtab there are set lists such as shopping list, gourmet list, reading list, to-do list, go-to list, watch list and more that users can add to. They can also create a list for a specific occasion such as a wedding or a party or for their convenience such as a favorite or a repeat list and add almost anything they wish to.

Ways users can add to mysocialtab

  • Via email (Recommended)

  • Via tabbing

  • Via browser (Coming soon)

  • Via 1000+ partner sites

Regular Updates

Users can be updated with additional information, special discounts, upcoming deals, stock availability for everything that they add to their mysocialtab account.

Social Sharing

Users can share their list with friends and family particularly useful for gifting. They can even make a post public and get advice or opinion from other users.

Comparison list

Everyone wants to compare similar things before they make a decision. Using mysocialtab users can create an effective comparison list and accurately compare almost anything.

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